Time for a New Blog for Travels in 2019!

It appears that I have just about used up all available space in my blog for pictures for this year’s travel adventures as we near the end of 2018!  (Can’t imagine why?!) That means I needed to create a new blog for the adventures I plan to take in 2019 so I can keep writing and sharing my adventures with you!

I have created a new blog called Globetrekker Grandma 2019” (I’m going back to my original blog name and just adding the appropriate year).

If you like following my adventures and want to continue to do so in the future, just click on the link below highlighted in blue to take you to the new blog. When the blog opens in a new window, click on the “FOLLOW” button on the right-hand side of the page to get notifications when I publish a new post.  It’s that easy!


Hope to see a lot of my devoted followers sign up! I have really enjoyed this years’ travels and have enjoyed the opportunity to share them with all of you in this format. Your wonderful comments are encouraging and I’m so pleased that so many people from around the world read and share them with others. It makes all the work worthwhile!  Thank you!

Until the next time…happy traveling! You never know what wonderful surprises are around the corner when you explore!  ~ Claudia