An Afternoon Drive to Cairn O’Mount

I woke up to a beautiful sunrise on the 8th of May in Aberdeen.IMG_2285

After having just taken a big trip for a few days to Lossiemouth, Elgin & Dingwall, Lindsay and I decided to just take it easy for a couple of days. We hung out at home in the morning taking care of a few chores. For starters, the grass had really grown while we were gone so I mowed the back lawn for Lindsay and enjoyed doing a little gardening in the flower beds.

Afterward, we decided to take a little drive in the countryside and chose a nice loop route out along the River Dee to revisit a site we had visited last year, Cairn O’Mount.

Along the way, we passed a couple of sites. The first site is located at a bridge on the River Dee in the town of Culter (pronounced Cooter). There is a statue of the kilted Scottish hero, Rob Roy, on the rock. Legend has it that Rob Roy leapt across the stream in fleeing from the pursuit of Hanoverian troops right at the point it stands today.

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The original statue had been there since 1850 but the weather had taken its toll and the new statue has just recently replaced the worn out one. Here’s a picture of what the old one looked like.

Rob Roy

The second site was a major granite rock outcrop, Clach Na Ben, that Lindsay climbed once upon a time in his younger days. He says the views are spectacular from there of the valley that the River Dee runs through. Clach Na Ben is also the war cry of the nearby Clan Strachan.


Not much further and we had reached the Cairn at the top of the Mountain, Cairn O’Mount.

We each grabbed a rock and carried it up with us to place it on the very tip top as is the custom!

There really are some gorgeous views from up there…



As we approached the car we noticed another interesting 3-wheeled car, a Morgan, parked near us.

As I was taking pictures the owner appeared. We asked him questions about his unique car, but unlike most car enthusiasts, we could barely get anything out of him. Usually, a proud owner of car talks your leg off and is more than happy to go on and on. Not this guy; he was unusually tight-lipped and afterward Lindsay and I had a bit of a laugh of how full of himself he was. I got the impression he was bothered to have to talk to simple “tourists” and was actually a transplant from other parts; not a local friendly Scotsman because he didn’t have a Scottish accent and he was really rather “snooty.”

The clouds overhead were closing in quickly so we drove down the other side of the mountain toward Stonehaven keeping the clouds safely behind us.


IMG_2318I couldn’t resist stopping off at one of my favorite castles nearby, Dunnottar, to get a couple of photos just for good measure and to get my “castle fix” for the day.




Just as I finished taking photos, the clouds had caught up with us and drops of rain were just beginning to fall. We got back to the car just in time as the downpour began as luck would have it. But of course, Lindsay and I have gotten really good at finding the “sucker holes” in the clouds, dragging it around with us and also very lucky at avoiding the rain by getting back to the car to drive a bit further just as the sporadic showers fall.

Attitude of Gratitude ~ I am so grateful to be here with Lindsay and being able to just take a drive on a whim on a spring day. It’s wonderfully splendid to be so spontaneous and follow where our noses take us on a little adventure in the countryside.




Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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