A Great Idea!

“If you’ve ever travelled to Germany and/or dreamed of visiting sometime, I would absolutely love to receive your input!

Usually, I start to plan an upcoming trip by reading Rick Steve’s guidebooks, combing the internet for travel blogs (like the ones I’ve discovered here on WordPress), watching travel shows on television, and talking to friends of like mind.  It just occurred to me that I could also reach out here, on my blog to my readers and fellow bloggers!  Duh!  (I know, I know, but sometimes it takes me awhile to notice the obvious that is literally right in front of me in plain view!  Ha!)

With this new blog, it is also my desire to try to generate some more feedback and dialogue here on my blog in the form of comments, suggestions, feedback & ideas. So this great idea I have is to share with you well in advance where my travels will take me in 2019 and ask for your help!

Below is my preliminary map which I am building on Google Maps. I like to make a map as I plan because I am a rather “visual” type person and if I’m not familiar with a destination, it helps me see-at-a-glance the places I want to visit, the possible route I might take, and the places where I’ve made lodging reservations. On the map are various other icons. The orange coloured “exclamation mark” icons denote the cities or towns I’m interested in (so far); Berlin, Heidelberg, etc.  The blue “museum” icon is for a museum I want to visit while in Berlin, the little yellow beds mark the places where I’ve made lodging reservations, and finally, the blue line I’ve drawn on the map is the general route I might follow.  Mind you it’s only a rough draft so far and will be added to time and time again over the next year as I discover more.  By the time I actually travel, I’ll have all kinds of icons marking the sights and places I hope to visit along the way.  Now, this is where YOU come in!

File Feb 27, 11 46 38 AM

If you’ve ever travelled to Germany and/or dreamed of visiting sometime, I would absolutely love to receive your input regarding “must see & do” places or other suggestions or ideas you find helpful or interesting.

I’ll be travelling with my granddaughter, Grace, who will be 18, so I am particularly interested in any suggestions for things to do and see that would appeal to her age group. For instance, perhaps you know of amusement parks, venues, or sights that kids her age really like and gravitate to.

Part of the time we are in Germany we will travel south toward Switzerland (maybe even squeeze in a visit there too!) We will be staying in southern Germany in Bavaria for a whole week at the beginning of August at a place called Ferienclub Oberstaufen.  It looks divine, doesn’t it?!



Neuschwanstein CastleSince we will be in Bavaria for a whole week, I was also thinking it would be a handy location to visit Salzburg, Austria as well. It doesn’t appear to be very far away; perhaps we could take a day trip over there. I am not sure that’s feasible, however, so would really appreciate some feedback on that idea.

While in Bavaria, we also want to visit an iconic & famous castle, Neuschwanstein, I hear the town of Oberammergau is also quite interesting!

It looks like it’s an absolutely beautiful natural area to visit so even easy day hikes to see waterfalls ideas or the like would be most welcome.

We haven’t set a time limit for how long we’ll be touring Germany; I guess that it all depends on how much we want to see and experience. All ideas and suggestions you can offer will definitely be considered! Perhaps you know of a great little restaurant or cafe that you like or an unusual place that isn’t on the radar of “typical tourists”.

I realize I’ll be able to find the ‘usual’ tourist destinations in the guidebooks, and there seem to be a lot of them, but I think it would be fun to get your input on anything you know of, or struck your fancy in particular.  Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you.

Before I end this post, I just want to mention how much I appreciate all of you that are already following my blog just after only a couple of days. That’s absolutely marvellous!  Thank you for your support and encouragement. There have already been over 90 “Views” and 37 “Visitors” to my new blog. That’s fantastic! I even received a very nice and lengthy email from one of my followers which meant the world to me! Most of my “followers” are friends or family, but this person isn’t someone I already know, and I thought it was so nice to have a new friend reach out and take the time to correspond to me.  Thank you, Sonia!

I ended my last blog “GlobetrekkerGrandma”  a couple of months ago after I finished posting my travels to parts of the USA, Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland for the last two years. (If you’re a new follower to this new blog of mine and you like to view travel photos and read travel stories, you might want to click on the link above and check out those posts on GlobetrekkerGrandma; there’s a ton of them that you can look at!  There’s bound to be something that catches your eye!)

Although I enjoy it, ‘blogging’ can prove to be quite time-consuming for me sometimes, and it was nice to take a break from it for a month or two after I finished posting my pictures and stories from the last two years. However, I found I really missed it and it’s so good to be back, writing posts and sharing with you once again. I know from viewing the “Stats” for my site that people from all over the world visit my blog and read my posts. I think that’s just great and would love to receive more comments in order to be able to interact with you and hear your thoughts.  Don’t be shy now… your comments will be much appreciated!  Thanks.

In closing, I want to add one more thing.  I noticed in another blog I follow, that they always include a moment of gratitude at the end.  I liked it so much that I’m going to include a gratitude statement in each of my posts as well. I think it’s a nice touch.

“Attitude of Gratitude” –  Today I’m grateful for the ability to express myself and share with others. It’s a wonderful gift that helps connect me with other people in this beautiful world of ours.










Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

6 thoughts on “A Great Idea!”

  1. This sounds like a wonderful trip with your granddaughter.
    Looking forward to your your post. I really liked the gratitude statement at the end.
    Safe travels.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great start Claudia! Too bad I don’t have any suggestions as I’ve never been to Germany. I like the gratitude thing. Phyllis might have some suggestions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Suzie! That’s ok that you don’t have any suggestions but I appreciate your efforts to comment just the same. Yes, I’m hoping Phyllis might have a few ideas since she visited a few years ago….


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